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Navajas is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. Belonging to the province of Castellón, very close to the town of Segorbe, in the Alto Palancia region. It is located on the natural path that connects Aragón with the Valencian Community to the south of the province of Castellón.

A few years ago...

Places of interest


The small town of Navajas has enough attractions to spend a few days and leave with the feeling of wanting to return again. Broadly speaking, we can divide the places to visit into various groups or themes: the town centre, the springs and the river, nearby natural areas and other nearby towns of interest.

  • The town centre : although small in size, it still retains the flavor of a rural population, with its typical houses and narrow streets (Arab origin), which coexist with large stately villas, built in the 19th century, by Valencian vacationers who came to enjoy medicinal waters. It is advisable to walk along Calle Valencia, starting from Calle Mayor and reaching the outskirts of the town in the direction of Segorbe. Nor should we forget the great Elm located in the Plaza Mayor dating from 1636.

  • The fountains and the river : starting from the Calle Mayor and heading towards the river, we will pass through different fountains (Fuente de la Peña, Fuente del Hierro or de los Trece Caños,...) until we reach the Mirador del Paraíso and the Salto de La Novia, where we can admire the great waterfall, as well as the particular rock formations in the river bed (there is a local legend that says that when couples were going to get married, the brides had to jump the river at this point and if If they managed to marry, she would be happy, but there was a time when one of them did not succeed, being trapped together with her boyfriend who rushed to rescue her by a whirlpool in the river, both dying).

  • Nearby natural sites : El Manantial de la Esperanza just over a kilometer away, which supplies water to several towns, and very close to an old monastery in ruins. Fuente de los Baños , old spa. Regajo Reservoir , just over three kilometers away.

  • Populations of interest: Segorbe should not be missed, especially its old quarter and its great religious heritage. Very interesting visit to Altura, Jérica and Viver.


It is very convenient to approach the tourist office (Plaza del Olmo), where we can find out about the most important tourist activities, having maps and guides for trails and excursions.


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