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Measures to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (ICTE, 2020)

What you should keep in mind
what do we do
  • You have a disinfectant gel dispenser at the entrance, you must use it every time you enter the house.

  • There is a mat at the entrance for you to clean your shoes.

  • Garbage bags are put at your disposal to put packages or suitcases. It is important that, once they are in the house, keep the suitcases inside the bags.

  • We provide you with masks , recommending their use every time you leave the house.

  • At check-in and check-out, keep a safe distance and do not have physical contact with employees. The employee uses gloves and shell. Pens will not be shared. The keys will be delivered disinfected in a bag. When picking them up they will be disinfected again.

  • If possible, send us the data (photocopy of ID or passport) of all guests in advance by email.

  • The deposit received in cash will be placed in an airtight bag for return at the end of the stay.

  • In the bathroom we leave you disposable paper for hand drying, eliminating shared towels.

  • In the bathroom we provide soap dispenser .

  • We provide you with a bath towel for the exclusive and individual use of each guest.

  • We provide you with an individual set of gel, shampoo and soap for the exclusive use of each guest.

  • The acceptance of the reservation implies a commitment on your part to comply with the measures listed above.

  • We have removed tourist brochures. You have all the information on our website.

  • In the house there will only be you and yours. Without sharing.

  • We clean bathrooms, floors and ceramic surfaces with bleach

  • For soft surface furniture such as sofas, mattresses, we use other cleaning procedures, such as steam cleaning.

  • Bed linen, towels and other textiles are placed in hermetic bags and washed at >65ºC for 10 minutes or 71ºC for 3 minutes.

  • Cleaning staff wear a mask, gloves and hat at all times.

  • We change the mat at the entrance with each reservation and clean it with bleach.

  • We use disposable cloths in each client exit cleaning.

  • We use disposable mops for cleaning floors.

  • At the end of the cleaning, we discard the gloves, mask, cloths and mops.

  • We clean all the crockery, used or not. We have reduced the number of elements to the essentials.

  • Once the cleaning is finished, we clean the work clothes at a temperature of >60º.

  • The bathroom bin has a disposable bag and lid.

  • Clean clothes are put on once the premises have been disinfected, to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Decoration elements are minimized in order to avoid contact surfaces and facilitate cleaning.

  • Extra pillows or blankets are removed.

  • The safety distance of two meters is always maintained between staff and physical contact is prohibited.

  • We provide disposable napkins, eliminating textile ones.

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