Navajas is a municipality of the Valencian Community, Spain. Belonging to the province of Castellón, very close to the town of Segorbe, in the Alto Palancia region. It is located on the natural road that connects Aragón with the Valencian Community to the south of the province of Castellón.

Places of interest

  • El Olmo. This monumental tree, planted in 1636, has a height of 14 meters and a crown area of ​​227 m²

  • Esperanza Spring. Located on the hill of the same name one kilometer from the town center. This spring of crystalline waters supplies both Navajas and the nearby towns of Villa de Altura and Segorbe. You can visit the ruins of a Hieronymite monastery from 1405. Throughout the year various pilgrimages to the spring are celebrated by the people who are nourished by its waters.

  • Fuente de la Peña. Its consumption is beneficial for diseases of the kidney (cholesterol and diuretic) and considered slimming.

  • Mirador del Paraíso. Place full of formations originated by water and abundant vegetation that together with its views has become a prominent place.

  • Fuente del Hierro or Trece Caños. It has a high iron content, and hence its name.

  • Fuente de Los Baños. This fountain has very esteemed waters for its healing properties that were already praised by Cavanilles, in his Geography of the Kingdom of Valencia.

  • Salto de la Novia. This place, located on the Palancia River, is formed by the Brazal waterfall, an impressive waterfall of 30 meters. There is a local legend that says that when the couples were going to marry the brides had to jump the river at this point and if they did the marriage would be happy, but there was once one of them did not succeed, being trapped along with her boyfriend that was launched to rescue her by a swirling river, both died. Currently, the bride's jump hosts various ludic acts and musical shows, especially during the summer period.

  • There are many other sources such as the Teja, the Bañola, the Virgen de la Luz, the Curso and the Cañar, which give rise to a beautiful hiking trail


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